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    Empress Dara

    Post by kimchidiction on Thu Aug 19, 2010 9:32 am

    국모~닝!^.^ 와쌉?! ㅋ 탐탐이와 함께 아침인사올리옵니다! 사과머리한 스탈리쉬~한 국모다라 ㅋㅋ 나 요즘 너무 재밋어요! 뭔가 항상.. 쉴때는 너무~쉬고 바쁠땐 완죤 달리는거같아요!우리만 그런가?ㅋ암튼 지금 미리 좀 쉬어둬요! 달리기 시작하면 정신없어~!^^ㅋ

    Good mor~ning! ^.^ What’s up?! ke Tamtam-ee and I say good morning! Stylish empress Dara, with her hair tied up keke I’m having a lot of fun these days! When I’m resting I rest really well, but when I’m busy I feel like I’m running around everywhere! Are we the only ones like that? ke anyways, I’m resting in advance! When the race starts everything is going to be hectic~!^^ ke

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