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    August 9 Me2day Updates

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    August 9 Me2day Updates

    Post by kimchidiction on Mon Aug 09, 2010 8:34 pm

    UPDATE 1

    컴푸타하는 밍끼의 정수리!!!ㅋㅋ 그리고 난… 멤바들 몰래 야식을 먹는다!ㅋ 이렇게 각자의 방식으로 졸음을 이겨내며 밤샘녹음을 하는것이다!^_^ 그럼 오늘도 홧팅!!!홧팅!!!야야야!!!

    the back of minkki whos playing computer!!!ke and im eating supper without the other members knowing.ke this is how we each do to fight off sleep to stay up the whole night for recording!^_^ so today is the same too. fighting!!!fighting!!!yayaya!!!

    Translated By Winggers of DGH

    UPDATE 2

    물마시는데 밍끼가 찍어준 사진!!! 공포토그래풔는 봄언니와 다라언니가 좋아라하는 사진작가다 ㅋ 이쁘게 찍어준다!!! 여기서 잠깐~ 퉤니원 처럼 건강해지려면 물 마니 마셔요! 수분량 고고고~!^^ 그리구 내일은 티비안보고 밖에서 놀아도될거같아용..보고시풔요!!!ㅠ

    “I was drinking water and Ming-kki (Gong Minzy) took this picture!!! Photographer Gong is photographer that Bom-unni and Dara-unni like ke She takes pretty pictures!!! Just a moment~ In order to be healthy like 2NE1 you have to drink a lot of water! Moisture go go go~! ^^ Also, tomorrow I think I will be able to play outside and not watch tv… I want to see it!!!“

    source: dara’s me2day
    Translated by chloejn@ALLKPOP

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