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    Dara's Multiple Updates & Hints About their Comeback(?)

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    Dara's Multiple Updates & Hints About their Comeback(?)

    Post by kimchidiction on Sat Aug 07, 2010 4:47 pm

    Last Thursday, Dara gave Blackjack a treat with her multiple updates. So, let's go over them...^^

    UPDATE 1: Goddess D's legendary microphone!

    랙잭이들과 상의할게있어요! 우리가 아직 응원도구가 없자나요! 근데 활동 다시 시작하면 필요할거 아닙니까? 그래서 제가 퉤니원의 상큼홍보부장으로써 ㅋ 미리미리 준비해보려구요 ㅋ 첫번째 후보! 달옹의 상징 핑크마이크! 마이크봉? 식으로???

    I consulted with Black Jacks! We don’t yet have a cheering tool! But when promotions start again, it’s necessary, right? So I’ll be the Chief of Public Relations for 2NE1 ㅋ I’ll try to prep in advance ㅋ The first time! Dara’s pink mic! Mic bong? Noisy???


    source: dara’s me2day

    UPDATE 2: Tamtam

    이게 사실 아직 나만의 생각이기 때매 회사에서 ㅋ 현실적을다가 제작이 힘들지 어떨지 몰르겟지만.. 그냥 아이디어를 내는겁니다! 글규 랙잭이들과 젤 먼저 상의!!!^.^v 자~ 두번째 후보!! 탐탐이! ㅋ 탐탐봉?! 너무 개인적인 감정이 섞인건가요??? 귀여운데!!! ㅋ

    Actually this is just me thinking so at the company ke I don’t know how practical or hard this will be to make but… for now I’m just brainstorming! And I’m asking blackjacks first!!! ^.^v Now~ Second candidate! Tamtam-ee! ke What about a Tamtam?! Does it mix well with your own personal sentiments???? It’s cute!!! ke

    Translated by: GEE@ygladies.com

    UPDATE 3: Decks

    맘에 드는거에다가 댓글로 추천 달아죠요! 당쉰들이 쓸거니까 당쉰들 맘에 들어야징! 세번째 후보! 우리 팀복에있는 카드모양 으로 만든 그 무언가.. 아직 모르겟는데일단 아이템만이라도 ㅋ 그럼 일단 이거 세개 찜!! 다른 아이디어도 있음 알려죠요! ^_^

    If there’s one you like please recommend it in the comments! Because it’s something to be used by you guys, you have to like it! The third candidate! Something made out of the card shape that’s on our team uniform.. I don’t know what exactly yet, but if we can settle what the item is first ke Well then first please pick one out of these three!! If you have another idea let me know! ^_^

    Translated by: GEE@ygladies.com

    UPDATE 4: Tamtamporter (tamtam version of Daraporter^^)

    와쌉?! 나 탐탐이에요! 지금 다라엄마 낮잠자서 몰래 보내는거에요! 쉿! 그냥 울 다라엄마랑 퉤니 이모들 다음 앨범 예상을 해봤어요…그냥 내 생각인데.. “에에에에” 응원도구로 선택받으려고 이러는거 절대 아니에요! 난 정정당당하게!!!ㅋ 헉! 난 그럼 이만! 슝~!

    Wassup?! I’m TamTam! Right now, Dara mummy is napping! Shh! So I just came with Dara mummy and the 2NE1 aunts to check out their next album…I think.. “eheheheh” has been used as the cheering tool! Fair and square!!!ㅋ Huh! I’m being like that!


    UPDATE 5: Sleeping BOMMIE

    어제 새벽… 녹음실에 있던 나에게 전송된 사진 한장!!! 숨어서 자고있던 봄이를 발견한 누군가가 나에게 보낸것이였다!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 누굴까… 봄이는 자던모습을 누구에게 딱 걸린것일까??? 궁금하다.. 분명 와이지 내부인일텐데..ㅋㅋㅋ

    Yesterday late at night… a photo was sent to me while I was at the recording studio!!! Someone had discovered Bom hiding away and sleeping and sent this to me!!! ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke Who could it be… Who was completely captivated by the image of Bom sleeping??? I’m curious.. Obviously it would be an YG insider.. ke ke ke

    Translated by: GEE@ygladies.com

    >what do you think? Is Dara hinting about their comeback? There are rumors circulating that they will be coming back this 24th of August... Hmmm... Or is this something for 2NE1tv? but...the lightsticks mentioned is a giveaway already right? Kyaaa...I hope it's for their comeback!^^

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