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    MBLAQ's Mir is a Fanboy!

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    MBLAQ's Mir is a Fanboy!

    Post by kimchidiction on Mon Aug 02, 2010 9:23 pm

    MBLAQ’s Mir has always made it clear that he admires Chundoongie’s Dara noona. He’s made a few appearances on Oh Dara before because he is adorable, and because he is a fan and has no shame about saying so. In an interview in the first month of MBLAQ’s debut, Chundoong talked about his noona and Mir repeatedly said that Chundoong’s noona is cool. Haha.

    In any case, Mir makes his appearance again on this blog because he was asked a cute question and answered very funny and cute with CeCi magazine (the August issue), mentioning Dara. Excerpt is below:

    Q. Thunder and Mir’s sister become members of MBLAQ one day. Who would be the now-coed 7-membered MBLAQ’s leader? And who would be the person enjoying the situation the most?

    The leader would still be SeungHo hyung. His personality is well-suited for a leader. He’s scary. The person who likes it most would be me. Dara nuna is coming♥

    Source: DC Gallery
    Translator: ilovepocky @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

    credit: OH Dara

    >I can't not post this. It's pure cuteness, he's been fanboying eversince. Mir is so cute, he even chose Dara over his own sister.^^
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    Re: MBLAQ's Mir is a Fanboy!

    Post by unexpectedperson on Sat Aug 07, 2010 11:40 am

    cutie mir! additional fanboy for our beloved dara :)
    i can imagine mir being exteremely happy and hyper if he saw dara

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