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    Dara Excersise Video

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    Dara Excersise Video

    Post by kimchidiction on Mon Aug 02, 2010 9:16 pm

    A workout video of 2NE1 member, Sandara Park was revealed.

    YG Entertainment’s trainer exclusive for YG artists, Hwangssabu, uploaded a video of Sandara Park working out a long with a post that said “Sandar Confirmation Shot”.

    In the video, Sandara Park was wearing a matching white headband and white raining clothes, adding more to her clean style. In addition, Sandara Park was alternatively kicking up her legs while shouting out with sweat building on her face.

    After the exercise, Hwangssabu said “Sandara Park how effective was your exercise?” To which she replied in a cute manner with her hands together, “It was good. It seems like I’m going to become a body jjang.”, causing laughter.

    Fans who saw this video left several hot responses such as, “Sandara is always cute”, “What place is good for exercise? I should follow her.”, “She’s so cute. It’d be great if she became a body jjang.”

    Meanwhile, last year, Hwangssabu appeared in the MNET ’2NE1TV Season 1′, who used a whip and a carrot to help 2NE1 with their exercising, and is already well known with the fans.

    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100728n22748
    Translated by GEE @ ygladies.com

    >aigoo she's so cute. i wanna be as thin as her!
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    Re: Dara Excersise Video

    Post by mydtze on Wed Aug 04, 2010 3:42 pm

    anything dara does is sooooooo..... cute

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