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    Dara's Interview on Vogue Girl

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    Dara's Interview on Vogue Girl

    Post by kimchidiction on Wed Jul 21, 2010 1:33 pm

    Vogue Girl(AKA V.G.): 2NE1’s photo shoot concept this time of an inner feminine beauty had sprung up from a comment by Sandara saying, “Now I also want to do a pretty photo shoot,” did you know that?

    Sandara: I said that comment because until now, we’ve only done photo shoots with a very fierce image. On stage, there’s no chance of wearing fluttery clothing, so at least in a photo shoot I wanted to try this transformation.

    VG: You had been very dormant in your activities for a while, but I was hearing news about Sandara every day. Since your me2day updates were so frequent.

    S: me2day has been one of my biggest interests lately! When I find something fun, the first thought I get is that I should take a picture of it and post it up, and when I don’t find anything for a few days, I wonder if I should just make some scene to post, haha. It’s an addiction.

    VG: Aren’t you a bit disappointed, since every update becomes a news article? Some reporters seem to just sit around waiting for ‘Reporter Sandara Park’’s news report.

    S: Often I do get surprised. Sometimes, even though it’s nothing much, articles that bloat up the situation come up. Since I had started this to be able to interact with my fans, I try to keep that initial thought as most important. When I am on me2day, I feel like I’m communicating with someone so I like it. It’s like sending text messages back and forth with friends.

    VG: Has Me2day become more comfortable than friends now?

    S: Rather than that, it’s more because I don’t have many friends to send text messages to. I moved to the Philippines in elementary school, so in Korea, aside from company friends, I don’t have any friends. These days I had been very lonely, but I gained much encouragement from Me2day. If early in the morning, I can’t sleep and post something on Me2day, and a reply comes up, I think, ‘I’m not alone.’

    VG: How do you relieve your stress? Aside from Me2day.

    S: The only people I can talk to about everything in my mind are my members, so we talk a lot about every little thing, and often even cry.

    VG: When your stress level reaches its limit, wouldn’t even quirky Sandara become snappy?

    S: I become more quiet. It’s so that I don’t clash with another person. I’ve never fought with a person before. I don’t want to fight, and I’m not even good at fighting. When someone picks a fight with me, I have never thrown a counter-attack.

    VG: A lonely and delicate girl, It would be nice if there was a guy to protect this kind of Sandara! I hear your ideal is a tough younger man.

    S: I like a person who is cute and at the same time be able to hold me firmly.

    VG: Why do you like younger men, though?

    S: My way of thinking is very young. Ever since I was young, I mostly played with my younger siblings, so even now I am more comfortable with younger friends. When I meet people in their teens, it feels like they’re all my friends, but when I actually meet people of the same age as me, it becomes awkward. I think I stopped maturing mentally since I started entertainment activities when I was 19 years old.

    VG: What do you do when you don’t have practice?

    S: I just stay in the dorms by myself. Bom and CL is usually at the headquarters working on music, and Minji goes to watch movies or goes shopping, and goes out often. She’s still in an energetic age(laughs). When I’m in the dorms I just lie down staring into space, or do the laundry, or watch a drama online. These days, I’m totally into ‘King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo.’

    VG: How are each member’s rooms decorated?

    S: CL’s room is so full of clothes or accessories and other props that it’s almost hard to walk around. But there are always fun things in there so I often go just to look around. Bom’s room has a lot of make up and health products. haha. Minji’s room has a lot of books and toys. These days, I think she’s been collecting Gundam products? On the walls, she’s put up a bunch of pictures of herself. Compared to those, my room is just a bed and a closet, so it’s very meager.

    VG: A while ago in , we had an MBLAQ interview, and Thunder stated that just the existence of his older sister Sandara made him feel very reassured.

    S: Actually, the debut date between MBLAQ only has a 6-month difference, so there wasn’t much I was able to advise on(laughs). But since I’m the older sister, and our age difference is 6 years, I do try to take care of him. Our activity period never overlapped, so it was hard to meet each other at broadcast stations, but I hope to meet him more often from now on. I miss him, my baby. Haha.

    VG: Idol groups these days have such a variety of activities, but it’s hard to see 2NE1.

    S: I want to do them, but I’m very timid. Last year when I went out on ‘Family Outing’ all I did was quietly watch them. Rather than that, I want to go out as a guest on talk shows like ‘Come to Play’ or ‘Winning Streak’. Not alone, but all four of us together. I think our biggest problem is that we are fun if it is the four of us together. If we each were to go out by ourselves, don’t you think we’d be completely edited out? Haha.

    VG: From the members, who do you think will do well in variety shows?

    S: Bom! If Bom were to go out in ‘Family Outing’ or ‘We Got Married’ I’m sure it would be a huge success. She is so much more outgoing than me, and really at a different level than me. The image of her you saw in ‘2NE1 TV’ is really truly Bom’s actual personality. She’ll probably start so many trendy sayings, too! Haha.

    Source: dc2ne1

    Translated by orangie @ YGSECRET21.com

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