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    Dara and the rest of 2NE1 for Vogue Girl

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    Dara and the rest of 2NE1 for Vogue Girl

    Post by kimchidiction on Mon Jul 19, 2010 2:10 pm

    2NE1 girls show off the feminine side of them.

    The girls recently did a photoshoot filming for the August issue of fashion magazine Vogue Girl. And in a teaser photo revealed, the girls were seen with showing off their hidden feminine side.

    Sandara Park revealed, “I want to film pretty photoshoots from now too.” 2NE1′s usual style and concept is strong and powerful images, while this time, the girls were seen in skirts and laces.

    Meanwhile, ahead of their singer comeback August, 2NE1 will be making a comeback on TV with 2NE1TV season 2 on Mnet.

    Cr: Kbites

    Check out their photos below:

    The girls looks so stunning here...

    CL, the one and only baddest female from Seoul is so chic in this photo.^^

    Bom's lettuce diet really paid off, look at her smexy curves.

    And of course, the last but definitely not the least, our finale photo Dara!
    She is just so undeniably gorgeous. If I were a boy, I'll definitely need a girl like her!^^ but oh where's Minkki's solo?
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    Re: Dara and the rest of 2NE1 for Vogue Girl

    Post by adz143 on Sat Nov 06, 2010 4:57 pm

    dara for me is d best!!!

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