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    8 Days More before 2NE1 TV airs!

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    8 Days More before 2NE1 TV airs!

    Post by kimchidiction on Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:04 am

    굿모닝!!!^.^ 기분 좋은 월요일 아침입니다!!! ㅋ 이분은 우리의 썰렁한 이피디님!!! 요즘 계속 밤새며 편집중이시랍니다! 그래도 깔끔한 모습인데요?! 역쉬 훈남피디님의 위엄인가요???ㅋ 바나나를 좋아하시는 바나나피디님을 우리 모두 응원합시다! 홧팅!!!^^

    Good morning!!! ^.^ It’s a great feeling
    Monday morning!!! Keke, this person is our corny PD Lee!!! He’s the
    person that’s been staying up all night lately editing things out! But
    ...he still appears tidy?! Is this the dignity of PD Hoonam that we
    expected??? Keke, let’s all cheer on our banana loving PD Banana!

    (Translated by: kimchi hana@YGLadies.com)

    Hoonnam is short for 훈훈한남자 (hoonhoonhan
    namja) which literally translates to nice guy, but I think it’s also
    supposed imply that he’s good looking as well?

    (credits: elise @YGLadies.com)

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