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    Ddeokbokki and more 2NE1 TV teasing

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    Ddeokbokki and more 2NE1 TV teasing

    Post by kimchidiction on Thu Jul 15, 2010 6:35 pm

    Another double update from our adarable goddess! She uploaded a video of her and Bom eating ddeokbokki. And a photo which seems to be teasing us about 2NE1TV. If you guys didn't know yet, the fierce four are coming back with 2NE1TV and it seems like the crew documented a lot of what they did this past few months including their vacays!

    Update 1

    우리 떡볶이 먹으러 와떠여~~~ㅋㅋㅋ

    We came to eat ddeokbokki*~~~ ke ke ke

    Ddeokbokki is the spicy rice cakes you see them eating in the video.

    Dialogue goes somethign like this
    Dara: Mm it's yummy!
    Bom: Oh it's a video? I thought it was a photo...*
    Dara: It's a video! Ah cut!

    * - that's why Bom made that fork pose

    Update 2

    와쌉?!?ㅋ 예전에 내 미투중에 비행스토리라던지 뭐 그런 재밌는일들 있자나요~ 그런걸 영상으로 직접 보게된다면! 어떨거같아요??? 아이고오 ㅋ 어떤 장면이 찍혔는지 어떤장면이 나올지 나도 몰라서..ㅋㅋ 닥본사 해야겟네!!!^__^ㅋㅋㅋ

    Whatssup?!? ke A long time ago, I posted up my plane story on me2day, and fun stuff like that~ What would it be like! if you could see that kinda thing in video form??? Aigo ke I, myself, don't even know what kind of scene they recorded or what will be shown on the show so.. ke ke must watch it live!!!^__^ ke ke ke

    Cr: Gee @ YGLadies and crazycami for the video.

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